from December 2011:

Featured book, awe-inspiring author:

The Geometry of Splitting Souls
by Robin Lim
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Robin's health clinic:
Bumi Sehat Foundation

"Mother Robin" wins
CNN Hero of the Year!

Robin Lim
CNN Hero 2011

Ibu Robin Lim is committed as a poet, a midwife, a mother, and as a global leader to living her life for love.

"Robin Lim is a woman of staggering energy, passion, goodness and talent. Her poems take all four of those traits, and weave them into wonder."
— Elizabeth Gilbert

"Robin Lim's poems are born from the same womb as her devotion to midwifery. A womb that treasures each life, even faced with its darkest questions. She enters the world of words and of birth with equal humility, purpose, and a profound care for humanity. Her poetic images are clear and trenchant and they aim for the soul. Her language rises from a notable forthrightness, and ripens with a crone's articulation. We recognize: Yes, that is who we are. yes, that is what frightens us. Yes, that is what leads us toward love. With these poems, and with her devotion to life, Lim is wise—on our behalf."
— Margo Berdeshevsky

"Robin Lim is one of my heros. Her dedication to mothers, babies and the health of the planet family, is matched only by her love of writing. In these pages you will feel the raw emotion, passion, humor, hope and tenacity that fuels this great woman warrior. I am certain that you too will discover that the world is a brighter place with her in it."
— Michael Franti

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